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    • (Date and times are subject to availability. No parties will be available during APA Finals, Tri-annuals, or World Qualifier events. Check the calendar page for events schedule.)

    • (plates, napkins, utensils, and cups will be provided. All other decorations must be provided by host or other guests)
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      • 15% Gratuity is added to packages 2-5.

      • Guests will drink responsibly. This includes appropriate behavior, alcohol consumption, and respect for employees and other patrons.

      • Bartenders and establishment have the right to refuse service at anytime.

      • Cakes are the only outside food or beverages permitted without prior consent.

      • Anyone under 16 must leave by 9pm. Proper ID is required for proof of age.

      • If guests are not following the rules and regulations of The New Green Room Billiards, all party guests will be asked to leave.

      • The New Green Room is not responsible for any lost or stollen items.

      • No one under the age of 21 may consume or possess and alcoholic beverages.